The role and functions of Vigilance Directorate is in conformity with CVC’s special chapter (Ch. XVIII of Vigilance Vol-I). vigilance for the PSUs

AAI is a service organization. Vigilance Directorate’s role and functions are as under.

Preventive Role
In its preventive role, it carries out awareness campaigns wherein it creates sensitivity towards day-to-day matters having scope for malpractices and corruption. These campaigns include Vigilance Awareness Week which is an yearly event and Vigilance Awareness Programs like Workshops having lectures, seminars etc being conducted throughout the year at different locations to achieve the objective of zero tolerance to corruption.

Punitive Role
In its punitive role, it Assists the Disciplinary Authority in promptly disciplining the defaulters from vigilance angle by speedy processing the cases and monitoring various stages of disciplinary proceedings.

Surveillance and Detective Role
In its Surveillance and Detective role, it plans and enforces surprise and regular inspections and CTE type inspections to detect the systemic failure and existence of corruption or malpractices. It also scrutinizes the Internal Audit Reports and Annual Property Returns etc.