SBI - Visitor's Area




Wi-Fi facility is available at Visitor's Area/Check-in/SHA/Arrival.

Drinking water facilities

Drinking water facilities is available Visitor's Area/Check-in/SHA/Arrival

Smoking Zone

Smoking Zone is available at SHA Ground Floor

Child Care Room

Child Care Room is available at SHA First Floor (free service)


Mobile Charging

Mobile Charging Unit is available at SHA/Arrival/Check-in


Newspapers is available freely at SHA (almost all publishers)


Wheel Chairs

Wheel Chairs is provided by By Respective Airlines at Arrival/Departure

Pax. Baggage Trolleys

Pax. Baggage Trolleys is provided by AAI at Arrival/Departure


Assistance to Differently Able/ Old aged

Assistance to Differently Able/ Old aged faciality is provided by Respective Airlines at Arrival/Departure



Medical & First aid facilities

First Aid Available at Visitors Area