सामान्य प्रश्न

Which is the best time to visit Andaman Islands?

Andaman attracts tourists round the year; therefore, one can visit Andaman at any time of the year. However, the climate is most pleasant from Oct. to Feb/Mar.

Is there any vehicle available for hiring?

Yes, there are many private agencies which offers two/four wheelers vehicles for rent to tourists.

Can Indian currency(INR) be used in Andman?

Yes, Indian Rupee (INR) is the currency used in Andaman Islands. There are several ATMs and Bank branches on inhabited islands, so withdrawing cash is not a problem.

How long does it take to reach Andaman?

A flight from Kolkata/Chennai takes two hours, while the one from Delhi takes about five hours. Ships take as long as 50 hours (3-4 days roughly).

What can I expect the climate & weather to be like in the Andaman Island?

The Andaman Islands, like other parts of the Andaman Sea enjoy a tropical climate throughout the year. The average minimum temperature is around 23°C and it seldom goes much above 30°C.

What is the language spoken in Andaman?

The official languages of the island are Hindi and English. Bengali is the most common spoken language. You will also find people speaking other languages like Tamil and Malayalam.

What is the currency in Andaman? Where should I get my currency exchanged?

Indian rupee is the currency used in Andaman. Always carry cash with you as ATMs are only available at Port Blair and Havelock islands. The facility for exchange of currency is only available in Port Blair. Credit cards are only acceptable in big hotels and resorts.

Is it safe to travel to Andaman?

Yes. Andaman’s popularity as a tourist destination has spread all around the world. Tourism police and life guards are available at all major attractions in Andaman.

SOP regarding COVID -19 testing tourists coming to Andaman Island?

The tourists arriving at Port Blair will be tested for COVID-19 at Veer Savarkar airport using Rapid Antigen Test (RAT). The results will be given at the airport itself. The tourists will be charged as per rate fixed by Administration. (Presently Rs. 500/- per person).

If the tourist tests negative, he/she can proceed for the trip. If found positive, he/she will have to undergo Institutional isolation till recovery from COVID-19.